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Why I rejected blank cheque from cheating married woman – Whitemoney

In a revealing interview with Echo Room, singer and former Big Brother Naija contestant Whitemoney shared a deeply personal story of ethical dilemma and resilience during his challenging days as a cosmetology student living beneath Ojuelegba Bridge in Lagos.

Whitemoney recounted a poignant moment when a wealthy married woman, despite having five children of her own, offered him a blank cheque in exchange for intimacy. Reflecting on the encounter, he disclosed, “I got a blank cheque from a lady when I was living under Ojuelegba Bridge.” He described how their interaction unfolded after she visited his store and initiated contact, eventually inviting him to a hotel where she made the proposition.

The turning point came unexpectedly when the woman inadvertently shared a family photo that included her husband and their children. This revelation gave Whitemoney pause, highlighting the complexity of the situation. Despite his dire circumstances, he chose to uphold his principles, firmly stating, “I have a law, I can never sleep with a married woman.”

This decision, rooted in personal integrity and respect for marital commitments, underscores Whitemoney’s unwavering character even in the face of extreme hardship. It speaks volumes about his values and the ethical compass that guides his actions.

Whitemoney’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the internal struggles individuals face and the strength required to make principled choices, especially when confronted with temptation and adversity. His resolve not only shaped his own path but also reflects a broader commitment to moral conduct and dignity.

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