Unleashing Laughter and Life Lessons: An Exclusive with Uncle Wowo

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We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Meshack, popularly known as Uncle Wowo. He is a multi-talented entertainer, skit maker, comedian, MC, and YouTuber. A graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Uncle Wowo has captured the hearts of many with his unique humor and engaging content.

Join us as we delve into the creative world of Uncle Wowo, exploring his inspirations, creative process, and how he balances his various roles while making a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

Catchy Highlights

  • Newlywed Bliss: Find out how married life has been treating Uncle Wowo since his recent marriage.
  • Versatile Entertainer: Discover which of his many talents Uncle Wowo enjoys the most and why.
  • Behind the Laughter: Get an inside look at Uncle Wowo’s creative process for coming up with his hilarious skits.
  • Time Management: Learn how he balances his time between creating content, MCing events, and other projects.
  • Memorable Moments: Hear about the most memorable or funniest moments he’s experienced as a comedian or skit maker, and more.

Interview with Uncle Wowo

1. Congratulations on your recent marriage! How has married life been treating you so far?

Uncle Wowo: Thank you so much, I appreciate it. Marriage has been wonderful, and God has been helping us. It’s not easy, but we are just starting, and we trust God to carry us all the way. So far, marriage has been wonderful all the way, and I am loving the experiences and what it’s coming with.

2. You’re a multi-talented entertainer – skit maker, comedian, MC, and YouTuber. Which one do you enjoy the most and why?

Uncle Wowo: I enjoy being a skit maker because it allows me to explore and express myself more.

3. Your skits are always hilarious! What’s your creative process like when coming up with new ideas?

Uncle Wowo: Coming up with ideas is not easy, but mine is a product of grace. The ideas come to me while sleeping; sometimes, I could just wake up and start laughing. Sometimes I see them in dreams, flashes, conversations, watching other content, or sitting on my own. The whole process is just grace. The only challenge is putting it together for people to watch and laugh. So far, it’s been a journey of grace, and I appreciate God.

4. How do you balance your time between creating content, MCing events, and other projects?

Uncle Wowo: I am a full-time content creator, so most of the week, I spend it on content creation. As for anchoring events, it is not an everyday thing; it usually comes in weeks and months intervals, not fixed. I do content creation if I am not doing an MC job, so it is easy for me to balance things.

5. What’s the most memorable or funniest moment you’ve experienced as a comedian or skit maker?

Uncle Wowo: All the processes are memorable and funny; I can’t pick a particular skit. I do re-watch everything and laugh, to the extent of forgetting that I made them and start asking myself funny questions.

6. Your fans love you for your unique humor and style. How do you engage with them, and what do you think is the key to your popularity?

Uncle Wowo: Like I said earlier, the whole journey is through grace. There is no formula for going to the top; you just have to keep navigating with the help of God. I respond to their messages, put myself in their shoes to relate with them, sometimes drop natural content devoid of lies and exaggeration, and sometimes do giveaways (stipends and gifts). I am very close to my fans and respond to messages. There is no forming or pride.

7. How do you think social media platforms can be improved to better support creators like yourself, and what changes would you like to see in the future?

Uncle Wowo: In as much as we use social media for good and bad reasons, I feel it should be controlled and censored regarding the kind of images and languages used. The content’s negatives outweigh the positives, and if care is not taken, it affects one’s mentality and behavior. Language should be comfortable for underage children. I also feel activities should be controlled and regulated. No one should just post things because they have a phone and data.

8. What’s your take on the current state of the entertainment industry in Nigeria, and how do you think it can be developed further to support local talent?

Uncle Wowo: The level has shifted entirely that over time, it has gained much popularity and wide view. Foreigners are coming to the reality that Nigeria is a force to reckon with. It has shifted the social scenery upward than before. There is growth every day and things to relate with. We are at the top. What they need is attention and support (finance). Let there be a platform to support their skills, funds available, grassroots competition to encourage them.

9. How do you believe your content can be used as a tool for social commentary or addressing issues affecting the Idoma community and Nigeria as a whole?

Uncle Wowo: Over time, I have developed different concepts of content. The first style was making calls to an invisible person, the second one was the baddest teacher who is not intelligent and knowledgeable but always tries to be known and visible. Recently, I stumbled on a concept that is friendly and family-oriented, where I try to showcase the good that accompanies marriage. Having married recently, it’s an area where I can explore the good and the bad and educate bachelors and spinsters to marry.

Over time, we have heard and seen bad reports about marriage; it’s an area I can go into to experience, learn, and show others the way. It will also be a tool to sharpen the belief that Idoma men are not romantic, which is not only accustomed to them but generally to men due to what they go through. It is an area that I want to experience to shape the belief of men to be responsible to their families.

10. What’s next for Uncle Wowo? Any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?

Uncle Wowo: We are embarking on a family project where I can use my everyday experiences in my marriage to tell people and show people the way, inspiring and encouraging couples. We are still at the planning stage. As for collaboration, it is a yes, but we are going gradually and not forcing things as we need to plan and not rush things. Expect more exciting things through the help of God.

Thank you for having me and for shining the light on us.

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Thank you for joining us in this insightful conversation with Uncle Wowo. We hope his journey and creative insights have inspired you as much as they have inspired us. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of Talent Trove, where we continue to unlock the gems of stardom and explore the depths of greatness. Until next time, keep discovering the stars among us!

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