This is Nonsense’ – Shocking Video of Police Officer Strangling Uber Driver at Full Speed Goes Viral

A disturbing video has surfaced online showing a policeman wrestling for control of the steering wheel with a cabbie driving at full speed. The video, shared by Light Orji on Snapchat, captures the officer holding the driver by the neck, presumably in an attempt to stop him from escaping.

The incident, whose location remains unclear, shows a dangerous struggle between the officer and the driver, creating a hazardous situation on the road. Light Orji, the passenger in the vehicle, recounts her terrifying experience in the accompanying video caption: “Had the most traumatic experience today, literally had to jump off the vehicle, stupid police man was strangling my Uber guy while he was driving at full speed.”

Orji’s repeated pleas for the policeman to leave the driver alone went unanswered, compelling her to take the drastic step of jumping out of the moving car to ensure her safety.

In response to the viral video, the spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force, Prince Olumuyiwa, posted on X (formerly Twitter), urging the police complaint response unit to launch an immediate investigation into the incident.

Watch the full video below (swipe to view more):

See reactions below:

brendanukagod__: Like I always say the police is a conglomerate of cr! min@ls with a few good guys. Police is your friend! This is how police handle their friends, LoL.

bonaventure_lighting: Some of nigeria police no go school. Travel abroad u see how police behave, very friendly.

kelvin_kertz: In a sane country, a police man wouldn’t involve himself in such and the driver wouldn’t attempt such because they both know the consequences. Both are wrong here.

djmagicbeatz: Police is not our friend.

winniedcapell: This was exactly how they killed a pregnant woman with her 2 children that were going to school with a Keke driver sometime last year in Ago. They don’t learn at all 😢😢.

@AssumptaOluikpe: And someone will still come and say that police is your friend… Eni Kure.

_bigrexxie_: Everybody go dey talk I have the best dad so who con get all this kind papa?

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