Messi Ventures into Hydration Market with Mas+ Drink Launch

“I wanted a drink that had the ingredients I need and amazing flavor. No compromise on quality ingredients. So I went to work on a drink of my own To achieve my goals, I learned that hydration plays a very important role. I have always had in mind to improve. I’ve always been about improvement, and wanted to find a drink with both amazing taste and the right ingredients.” – Messi

But many drinks that are good for you taste bad. Many flavored drinks have high levels of unhealthy ingredients, so people who drink them consume more sugar, calories, artificial ingredients, and even caffeine than they realize. You shouldn’t have to choose between better ingredients and better taste.” -Messi

“Más+ is a drink I have wanted for a long time, one I want to share with my family, friends, and the next generation. I believe everyone, not just elite athletes, deserves Positive Hydration: amazing taste, with natural flavors, no artificial sweeteners or colors. No caffeine. No compromise on quality ingredients. Más+ was created to inspire everyone to enjoy more music, laughter, friends, family, to get more out of life.” – Messi

“That’s why I named it Más+. It means “more” in Spanish. The + stands for even more positivity. Because in every part of my life, I always think and act positively.”- Messi

“I wanted a drink to inspire everyone to feel like a champion in every part of life.” – Messi

“To achieve my goals, I first had to learn the importance of health and hydration, I spent time searching but I just couldn’t find one with both amazing taste and the right ingredients. So I went to work on a drink of my own. One with more of the flavors I love and a balanced blend of electrolytes, a drink I feel is better for my family and friends.”- Messi

The flavours are:

– Orange d’Or
– Miami Punch
– Berry Copa Crush
– Limón Lime League.

What do you think?

Written by Joe

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