Labour Party Reunification: Apapa Faction Supports Abure as Chair

After a year of internal strife within the opposition Labour Party, a significant breakthrough has been achieved as both factions, led by Julius Abure and Lamidi Apapa, have decided to reconcile and collaborate. This reconciliation comes on the heels of a turbulent period marked by legal battles and internal disputes.

Initially torn apart by a court judgment that challenged Abure’s leadership, the situation escalated with support from external bodies like the Nigeria Labour Congress. However, subsequent events, including an invalidated national convention and pressure from within and outside the party, prompted Abure to seek unity.

According to sources within the LP national secretariat, the move to reconcile with the Apapa faction was driven by the urgent necessity to present a unified front against external pressures, particularly from the NLC. This decision underscores a history of association and a shared objective to preserve party integrity amidst external threats.

Abayomi Arabambi, speaking on behalf of the Apapa faction, confirmed their readiness to unite with Abure’s camp, emphasizing their joint opposition to external influences attempting to destabilize the party. Arabambi clarified that their unified stance aimed to thwart any efforts to hijack the party for personal gain or external agendas.

Obiora Ifoh, LP’s National Publicity Secretary, affirmed the reunion, noting that the party’s constitution and rules were crucial in guiding such reconciliatory efforts. He acknowledged previous grievances and anti-party activities but highlighted a collective resolve to uphold party principles and unity moving forward.

In conclusion, the Labour Party appears resolute in its commitment to internal cohesion and resilience against external pressures. The reunification of Abure and Apapa’s factions signals a strategic move towards consolidating strength and fostering stability within the party, poised for future electoral challenges.

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