Don’t Pay N3m Bride Price For A Girl Disvirgined With Urgent 2k – Reno Omokri

Political activist Reno Omokri has issued a stark warning to men regarding the type of women they choose to marry. Taking to social media, Omokri advised men to be cautious about women who have been disvirgined for a mere ₦2,000 and to avoid families that demand exorbitant bride prices.

Omokri drew a comparison between the modest and culturally rich wedding of Aliko Dangote’s daughter, which had a bride price of ₦500,000, and the extortionate demands some families make. He emphasized that such high demands are not traditional but are modern-day exploitation by “criminally minded people.”

He advised against paying large sums and fulfilling excessive demands, warning that it leads to a life of financial exploitation. Omokri urged men to prioritize peace and harmony in their marriages over fulfilling unreasonable and greedy demands from in-laws.

He concluded by encouraging men to be discerning and patient in their choice of a life partner, suggesting that a reasonable bride price should include modest amounts of money and traditional items like kola nut, livestock, and agricultural produce.

Here is Omokri’s full message:

“When Aliko Dangote’s daughter married, her bride price was ₦500,000. Please fact-check me. And the wedding ceremony itself was modest and respectable and demonstrated the moderation that can only come from a highly developed culture.

You are going to marry a woman whose parents live in an uncompleted building in a village, and they are asking you to bring ₦3,000,000 and fulfill a long list of demands as bride price? Reason the matter, my friend.

As a man, if you are getting married anywhere in Africa, and your in-laws are demanding drinks like Martell VSOP and XO, designer wear, foreign exchange, and expensive jewelry, just know that that is not a customary or traditional marriage. That is modern-day extortion by criminally minded people, and it is in your best interest to rethink that marriage.

A broken engagement is better than being entrapped by heartless Industrial Money Obtainers. Whatever they are asking you to pay is just a down payment. If you marry that girl, they will squeeze the life out of you with their demands. If someone dies, you pay. Someone is born, you pay. When someone starts school, you must shake your body. You are not an in-law. You are an in-money, and you will not have harmony.

Our ancestors were not that greedy. And the items they are demanding from you are not African items. They are foreign. Mostly from Europe. And, therefore, could not have been part of any native law and custom. These are just opportunists trying to use you for poverty alleviation.

African bride price list should not be more than a reasonable amount of money, and then things like kola nut, livestock, palm oil, and agricultural produce, and in the Ghana area, gold (because gold has always been abundant in precolonial Ghana).

Ask yourself this question. If truly the bride price in their custom is running into millions, how come the bride’s parents live in a rented house or modest uncompleted building? They ought to be wealthy.

The truth is that the father married her mother with ₦5, and now they want you to marry their daughter with ₦3,000,000. To them, they are negotiating a business, not a marriage.

If this were a virgin, then perhaps ₦3,000,000 could be demanded. But ₦3,000,000 bride price for a girl that was disvirgined with urgent ₦2k? Tufiakwa!

Do not be too desperate to marry that you do not see the trap you are entering and the alternatives at your fingertips. You are a successful young man. Your type is rare. There are more beautiful young women than there are successful young men. Sit back. Take your time and marry where you will have peace, not where your in-laws want a piece of your wealth!”

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