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Ahmad Satom: How Will the National Anthem Bill Solve Hunger and Insecurity?

A video of a passionate plea by House of Representatives member Ahmad Satomi has gone viral on social media. The representative of Jere Federal Constituency, Borno State, vocally challenged his colleagues regarding the recently passed National Anthem bill, questioning its relevance to Nigeria’s pressing issues.

In the video, Satomi addresses his colleagues, questioning the practicality and impact of the bill, which mandates reverting to the old National Anthem, “Nigeria we hail thee.” His concerns highlighted the disconnect between legislative actions and the real-world problems faced by Nigerians.

“Me, I do not know how this National Anthem will affect the well-being of the common man in Nigeria. Let’s be realistic. How will this support either hunger, banditry, or improve insecurity?” Satomi queried. He emphasized the need for legislation that directly benefits the populace, rather than symbolic gestures.

Satomi urged his colleagues to prioritize development-oriented policies that would attract positive international attention and foster growth. He expressed frustration over the focus on the National Anthem while the world advances in technology and innovation.

“There is a saying that goes, ‘Countries that rely on prayers will rely on the ones that do think.’ Please, let’s think of something that will bring progress, stability, and prosperity to the economy of this nation and improve the lives of the common man,” Satomi implored.

Despite his objections, the House of Representatives, on Thursday, May 23, passed the bill with accelerated consideration, spearheaded by the Majority Leader, Prof. Julius Ihonbvere. The bill’s passage has sparked debate among the public and lawmakers about legislative priorities amid the nation’s ongoing struggles with hunger and insecurity.

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